Graphic Recording

Graphic recording – also referred to as graphic facilitation, scribing, or conference cartooning, is a powerful way to capture talks, conversations and messages in visuals, in real time. Capturing your information in cartoons and live illustrations makes your messages fresh, engaging and more memorable.

Graphic Recording and scribing usually refers to large-scale visuals, where I draw the information on a giant piece of paper, usually visible to everyone in the room. People can watch as the information is mapped out and, with interactive sessions, they can also see their contributions being noted and conclusions recorded in cartoons and illustrations.

The process allows me to create a visual, graphic record of your conversations, lectures or training – in real time. As the information is being presented I simultaneously listen, organise the information in my head and set it onto paper in a mixture of words and images.

After the event this unique graphic record can be invaluable record of your event’s progress, direction and key points. You can keep the original artwork as a large visual reminder, along with smaller, digital copies for easier reference.

Contact me to see more examples of my work and to talk about capturing your event with graphic recording cartoon illustrations: [email protected] / 07813943787


Sketchnoting captures information in a visual form. Instead of being on a large piece of paper, I take visual notes in a sketchbook on my lap. My presence at an event is therefore more discreet and no special equipment is required.

After the event you’ll get a full set of visual notes in digital format to give to anyone who attended the event, along with those who might have missed it.

These visual notes provide a brilliant record of your information in a way that’s easy to digest and which people want to engage with. Using a combination of pictures and words increases retention by 40%, so they’ll also make your information significantly more memorable. I can also create the sketchnotes digitally on a tablet.


I also attend book and product launches, weddings and social occasions to create a graphic record or cartoon illustration of your event. Your guests and attendees can then receive a unique, hand-drawngraphic record of what happened on the day.

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